Naturally aligned teeth are a bliss to only a very few.

Aligning your teeth will not only improve aesthetics but will also benefit the long-term health of your teeth. Uneven teeth are prone to food lodgement, uneven wear, caries, gingivitis. Properly aligned teeth not only make your smile look beautiful but also helps your tongue, muscles, and jaws function correctly. Inappropriate alignment of teeth makes teeth brushing and flossing difficult resulting in tooth decay and gum inflammation. My Smile Dental Clinic offers comprehensive orthodontic treatments for children and adults for perfect alignment of natural and healthy teeth.

To correct crooked teeth, our specialists apply traditional metal or ceramic braces. Metal braces are made of metal brackets that use an elastic rubber band known as a ligature to anchor to the wire. It’s an inexpensive procedure to treat most severe cases.


If you don’t want people to know that you’re wearing braces, our Orthodontist may recommend lingual Orthodontics. These lingual braces are attached behind the teeth and it may be slightly noticed when worn.

For some children between age six to ten years old, we apply functional trainers to modify the growth patterns of jaw bones. This functional orthodontics prevents the need for Orthognathic Surgeries in future. Best age to receive your first orthodontic consultation is typically around age seven. Its important for an orthodontist to evaluate all children initially by this age weather they end up needing Orthodontic treatment or not?


To discuss the right type of braces for you, schedule a consult at the My Smile Dental Clinic, Mumbai, India.