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Daya (Actor)


I wanted to thank you again for an amazing root canal! I was so nervous before the appointment but you and your staff were wonderful and I felt so calm and comfortable. It was excellent! Best root canal ever! Thank you and All the best.

Sahir Syed

(U K)

I was recommended by a friend. I couldn’t have been happier with the treatment and service. The hospitality at the My Smile clinic is commendable.
Dr. Rane’s treatment was simple, transparent and painless. Together, the couple takes special care of every patient, making them feel comfortable at all times.

I will definitely recommend my friends and family to visit My Smile for their dental treatments.

Debina (Actress)


Landed upon the clinic by chance, but had an amazing experience. Superb comfort by both the doctors for healthy teeth.

Gurmeet (Actor)


Very good, Excellent service by both the Doctors.

Pediatric dentist, children dentistry

Children's Dentistry

Parents desire the finest dental assistence for their kids to guarantee that as grownups they will have healthy gums and strong teeth. . At times children don’t constantly floss and brush their teeth, so a visits to a pediatric dentist helps to recompense for any lack of dental cleanliness. Our pediatric dentist are capable of handling any dental problems for our young patients so that parents can be assured that their child is getting the dental treatment he needs.

As a concerned parent, you can depend on our pediatric dentist at My Smile to give your children the professional care they need. Periodic checkups and cleaning procedures are good maintenance regimes to keep yours and your children’s teeth healthy.

We all know cavities are caused due to sugary sweets and our pediatric dentists have the dexterity to keep ahead of newly decaying areas, Taking care of any cavities before they turn nasty and get worse. Sometimes children experience sports injuries that might damage many teeth or a single tooth. Our pediatric dentists handle any repairs to broken or damaged teeth successfully and aesthetically with results that will please you.

Most kids fear going to the dentist, but not in the case of our esteemed pediatric dentist. All our young patients love visiting the clinic and are friendly with their dentists and the staff. If any of your kids are facing issues with crowed teeth, we have appropriate dental solutions, like braces, conventional and invisible, to straighten alignment issuses. You have our assurance that your child's dental care is in safe hands, always.

Our pediatric dentists know how to handle young patients making sure they feel relaxed visiting the clinic. They are also educated on how to take proper care of their teeth. Our dentists explain every treatment so that our young patients understand what‘s being done while they are propped up in the dentist's chair.There is no need for your children to be scared of visiting our dentists, as they will see our Pediatric Dentists as friends

Call our pediatric dentist!
Ensure your child’s dental health is in excellent condition and they are getting the appropriate treatments for any of their dental issues.

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