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Daya (Actor)


I wanted to thank you again for an amazing root canal! I was so nervous before the appointment but you and your staff were wonderful and I felt so calm and comfortable. It was excellent! Best root canal ever! Thank you and All the best.

Sahir Syed

(U K)

I was recommended by a friend. I couldn’t have been happier with the treatment and service. The hospitality at the My Smile clinic is commendable.
Dr. Rane’s treatment was simple, transparent and painless. Together, the couple takes special care of every patient, making them feel comfortable at all times.

I will definitely recommend my friends and family to visit My Smile for their dental treatments.

Debina (Actress)


Landed upon the clinic by chance, but had an amazing experience. Superb comfort by both the doctors for healthy teeth.

Gurmeet (Actor)


Very good, Excellent service by both the Doctors.

My Smile Dental Clinic is one of the world’s leading edge cosmetic dental practices.

My Smile Dental Clinic invites you to experience high quality and professional cosmetic dental treatments. Our superior Cosmetic Dental Surgery is carried out under the proficiency of esteemed & experienced panel of dentists in a state of the art environment. We specialize in cosmetic surgery and general dentistry using the latest technology.

Our endeavor is to make sure you have the smile that you’ve always dreamt of!

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry
  2. Implant
  3. Orthodontics

Veneers are made from porcelain; it is used as a new surface for a damaged tooth. Veneers are very versatile and are used to straighten protruding & crooked teeth, seal gaps and lighten the colour of teeth. Their appearance and strength are easily comparable to natural teeth. Veneers are excellent when permanent changes are made to a smile.

Crowns :

Today, Crowns are made of porcelain and are used to replace extremely damaged or decayed teeth. They look very natural and don’t leave a black outline at the gum line which is seen in more traditional crowns.

teeth whitening

Whitening is a great option for healthy teeth that have yellowed due to age or stained from coffee or smoking.

gum reshaping
Gum reshaping:

Depending on the diagnosis of the case patients with low or uneven gum levels or a gummy smile can opt for a painless gum lift surgery or a gum reshaping treatment called osteoplasty.

smile makeover
Smile makeover:

My smile dental clinic specializes in extreme smile makeovers through advanced cosmetic dental surgery. Our experienced experts have dealt with numerous cases of severely crowded, broken down dentitions and smiles with multiple problems. In the allotted time they are restored to healthy and attractive smiles.

tooth replacement
Tooth replacement:

This cosmetic dental surgery includes multiple implants or bridgework to restore Missing teeth. Astonishing results are accomplished when new age cosmetic materials and gum placement techniques are combined to make a replaced tooth appear to emerge from the gum like a natural tooth.

dental implant
Single dental implant

Implants are the current way to return missing teeth. The implant is made of titanium & is fitted in bone in the place of the tooth root. After full integration with the bone, a post (or abutment) is attached to the implant and a crown can be placed over the abutment to complete the process.

multiple dental implant
Multiple dental implant

This advanced dental treatment where implants are used to replace multiple missing teeth with implant-supported bridges or implant crowns as part of a complete smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction.

implant supported dentures
Implant supported dentures

This cosmetic dental surgery includes multiple Implants in both the upper and lower jaw to secure & retain a very natural looking and aesthetic Cosmetic Dentures.

Straightening of teeth

Through this cosmetic dental treatment teeth can be set straight with either orthodontics or porcelain veneers or even a combination of both the treatments.


Invisalign uses a very high-tech manufacturing method to make a series of removable clear plastic aligners which almost makes them invisible.

Lingual braces

These are different from traditional fixed braces as the brackets are bond to the inside of the teeth rather than outside making them undetectable by others.

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